March 5, 2007



Well that was easier then I imagined. I’ve now copied all my WordPress entries from this free blog to a new one on my own domain. I’ll be working on making a pretty layout at school tomorrow with Photoshop :3 Gotta redo all y links and stuff now too, they didn’t carry across ; ;


{Gather together}

March 4, 2007

“Starting March 8, 2007, players will be able to create new characters on the World of their choice. Up until now, Worlds would be randomly assigned to characters upon their creation, while only players with World Passes could join their friends. However, with this new adjustment, all players, even ones without World Passes, will have the option to select their realm at the character selection screen.

Originally, the World Pass system was introduced to maintain a balance among all the Worlds and prevent overpopulation. However, with the continued stablization of each World’s adventurer community and recent technical advances in server technology, it has been determined that allowing players to create new characters on Worlds of their choice would not greatly affect the current population balance.


In conjunction with this change, we have updated the character creation screen to include a new pull-down window from which players can select the World of their choice. Also, additional characters added to an account will no longer be automatically assigned to the same World as the first character. Players will be free to choose where they wish that new character to reside, be it the same World, or a completely different one.


Finally, the development team is continuing their work on World selection by making preparations for a new service that will allow players to move their characters to different Worlds. Please keep a close watch on the Topics page for further updates on this exciting feature.


*While all World Passes will become void after March 8, 2007, Gold World Passes will continue to be distributed to players who wish to purchase them. Any adventurers who would like to invite their friends to Vana’diel can still utilize the Gold World Pass feature and take advantage of the special benefits this unique system has to offer.”





{everyone}{Gather together}@{Fenrir}!!1

Choo choo

March 1, 2007

Pinch punch first of the month! February seems to have gone by super fast!

RL fast cast

 By popular demand, here is the RDM hat that Raeyne made for me! It’s actually made from proper leather and all, it’s very good quality :3I need to fold the sides up a little more so it’s not quit so wide XD And you can’t see it in this photo, but there’s even the little black bits for mithra kitty ears.

Best. Hat. Ever.


And thanks to peoples suggestions on laptops, I’m gonna start looking into it with the help of a couple of slightly more tech-wise friends of mine. Gonna have to poke around and find some good deals, see what I can sort out what with being a student and all – I get a 10% discount in a couple of places due to my UCAS card, but I’m just not entirely sure where.


Gonna start working on making a blog on my proper domain now and shifting this one over at some point. Hopefully when I get back to FFXI this one will end up being a lot less full of my Real Life stuff and more game content XD.

Laptops :3

February 26, 2007

I think 😡 rather then buying a new PC that I might instead invest in a decent laptop. I’m thinking a laptop will be much more usefull for when/if I go to University next year ^^


  • Possibly cheaper?
  • Mobile – could take it to lectures.
  • Needs less space for halls of residence.
  • Student discount.


  • Less memory.
  • Not as good for games. (Could also be a good thing considering I’d still be working after all :x)
  • I hate typing on laptops, but I’m sure I can get over that 😀

FFXII is on sale now :3 Oh {Hello!} new time waster.


February 13, 2007

Whilest my computer is still out of action, my friend Laura and I bought a domain on a whim. Unhappy Icecream is the name of a song! It’s not a very good one, but it’s a pretty cute name. We finished doing the layout and content today at school ^^ we both did the graphics for it and I coded it up. There’s still quite a few space fillers on it >__< so don’t mind them!

I’ve got an ffxi subdomain on it, but so far all we have is the main site and a couple of J-rock fansites my friend had on her old domain >:3 I think at some point I’ll transfer this over onto my domain, but for now I still need to make the layout for it.

Since my computer is bust I can’t even use model viewer -___- if anyone could oblige by sending me some nice quality photoshop files of my FFXI character I would love you forever.

I installed Black & White 2 onto this PC to tide me over. I’m hooked already! But I miss FFXI too! D: D: D:! Raeyne, we won’t be able to do the Valentione’s event ;   ;.

For Valentines day I’m going on a University visit to Reading, everyone else in my year gets a study leave day off XD (because of academic review day, not valentines lol)

I’m suffering FFXI withdrawl symptoms! *froths at the mouth*



February 11, 2007

My computer is dead. Full on deadness. It must’ve had some critical failure whilest I was playing a game on it on saturday, since then it won’t boot up correctly o.o as in… not at all.

So… yeah… Thats why I haven’t been on/possibly won’t be on FFXI for a while >__<;; I’m going to see about transfering stuff off my extra hard drives (I have about 3 extra ones on my PC ^^ FFXI is installed onto my H:/ drive :3) But I won’t be installing it into this PC (family one)

I’m gonna take it apart and wiggle some things around in it and see if that helps O: But if not you can expect my blog update to be destinctly lacking in RL content for the next while 😛

Chocobo Pie

February 8, 2007

Raeyne’s chocobo, AutumnVerve is blue. I’m jealous D:

Blue chickens o.o

I hope mine grows up to a colour other then yellow. But eh, not too bothered, Raeyne and I are gonna make chocobabies. Well, not us, but AutumnVerve and IvoryHeart o.o I hope they’re red or green, or else it’s {Egg dishes} for everyone.

I didn’t look at my time table this morning for school, so I came in at 8am and I only have one lesson and it’s not until 2:15pm -_- Good job. So this update is my attempt to waste some time.

Beetles are out to get me.

February 7, 2007

Oh dear.

First and foremost, it’s that time of year again, where it is perillous for any single female character to venture into any of the main cities. I have yet to do the Valentine’s event, last year I did it with Muninn because Ueda and I were always busy ; ; and then when we did have time it was finished. BUT I did the event with Muninn and got a naming crystal, I made Ueda a signed bronze subligar. Best. Gift. Ever.

ANYWAY, Samurai! Raeyne came to keep me company in my first exp party in a while. Stalker D:!

x murdering beetles

5 more levels till AF quests! Oooooooooooh!


Real life wise. I’ve now got my train tickets to go visit Raeyne in a few weeks for his birthday. I’m going down on the 18th and coming back on the 20th. Exciting stuff! My tickets only cost me £18.30! Cheap! Something like $35, not bad for 4 hours or so worth of travel.

 FFXII comes out in Europe this month, so I need to splash out on that. I’m considering buying The Burning Crusade as well (the WoW expansion pack) and see how Ueda is doing. Depends on the price of the expansion though.

I completely keep forgetting to say this, but if anyone wants a Fenrir server Worldpass then ask me :3 I’m sure I can find one for you.

Beetles are out to get me. Fact.

Oh mai gawd.

February 3, 2007

After some minor inconveniences, I was determined to get my PLD to 75 last night >:3

Mamool Ja staging point. Firespit > Cat Paladin! D:

 Mamool Ja Staging point again. I love this place.

I haven’t exp’d in Mamoll Ja Staging Point in ages, but it was great! So much nicer then Caedarva Mire (in my opnion at least) and there was only two other parties there :3 Anyway, that party disbanded and I got another one in Caedarva Mire (icky.)  BUT ANYWAY~


Finally, stupid turban. Stupid currency. Stupid trading endlessly D:<

Zomgggg. I’m happy. Now how long before I delevel!

This morning I dusted off my RDM to help Ilyena and his SMN, I haven’t exp’d RDM in about half a year, it’s pretty gimp-tastic. Ilyena lent me his Vermy cloak (I like the look of it :3) Ding RDM68. I had forgotten what it was like to get invites before even putting your flag up.

I wish that...

...I could wear...

...Wear my hat with the Vermy Cloak D: ~ Oh yah, Ding RDM68 too.


Oh, by and by;

 Whoever you are say hello O: I wanna know now!

Dynamis San D’oria

February 2, 2007

No screenshots again, updateing from school. It was good fun O: my PC coped with it a lot better since I fiddled with the settings a bit more so it was much more playable. Good thing too, there was only one PLD other then myself.

 Drops were WHM, WAR, MNK (congratulations Eilan!) BST (which I actually found in my posession after dynamis :3) RDM x2, BRD, SMN, NIN and one more I’m sure but I can’t remember what. I already have Sandy flagged, and we managed to flag it again but not after some hassle with getting the Tombstone to the stables to nuke it. We also managed to kill the NIN NM over the other side of the zone, that was exciting XD

 Nobody had ever gone for that NM before, so we really weren’t sure what to expect when we pulled the stone, either way, it was great fun! I need to work on PLD this weekend though, my 20k level buff has served me well.